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Chinese rescuers search for the 9-year-old missing girl Zhang Zixin, who was taken by a couple who later committed suicide, along the seacoast in Xiangshan county, Ningbo city, east China’s Zhejiang province, 11 July 2019. The resident card of a missing girl taken away by two tenants in her home at Hangzhou was found along the Xiangshan coastline in Ningbo by search and rescue staff on Wednesday night, Qianjiang Evening News reported. Resident card issued by Hangzhou authorities can be used to travel on buses and subways or to access social security services or in libraries and parks. Hundreds of people including Xiangshan police and civilian rescue teams have taken part in the search on the sea and nearby mountains. The search scope has been narrowed to 2 kilometers along the coastline. (Imaginechina via AP Images)

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